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Evolving the Sidebar

What is a sidebar without tabs?
LiveSidebar is the place to give life to your sidebar.

My Sidebar Guide at Netscape
Check out LiveSidebar featured at My Sidebar Developer's Guide.[go]

LiveSidebar Cool Tabs
They are free, thery are usefull and they are cool! What are you waiting to add new tabs to your sidebar? [go]

Tab Wizard
The reason LiveSidebar was borned. Choose a theme, customize, import content from live web sites and distribute your brand new tab (in beta stage). [go]

Sidebar Directory
Customized DMOZ Sidebar Directory with LivePreview for your convinience. [go]

Promote your Tab
Learn how to use LivePreview and Tell-a-Friend tools to promote your tab. [go]

Message Board
Join our community and tell us what you think! [go]

Send us a Message
Send us a message! We like to receive comments from the community so we can always improve our services. [go]

LiveSidebar Labs
LiveSidebar Labs is a place for experimentations and tests. This link will lead you to the Live DeskTabs, an idea to create a tabs desktop. [go]

Tab of the week
Title: Note-it
Producer: LiveSidebar

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